Monday, March 23, 2009

Last Adoption Class

So tonight we go to our last adoption class. Tonight we will meet a panel of Birthmoms (they are already matched with a family, so this is not like the parade of maidens in front of a crowd of young men) I am really anxious, not in a bad way, I am just eager to hear what they have to say. I want to know how they decided and what made them feel comfortable. I think I need to see that they are OK and not damaged for life. I think it will be a really exciting night.

Also on the way there, we are stopping at Babies R Us! I have convinced Hubbs that we need to decide on the bedding theme for the nursery and buy one thing so I will have the colors and patterns to start painting and stuff like that. I am sure we will stroll around and peek at other stuff as well. I am kind of nervous, I have not been in Babies R Us since before we found out we counldnt get pregnant. The last time I was in there I was dreaming of my baby belly. I think it will be good, We need to let loose and have some giddy dreamy time of what life will be like with baby. I am sure I will think about it, but we are so excited about a baby joining our family, I think the excitment will overcome the sadness and loss. Or atleast that is what I am rooting for!


Countless Tomorrows said...

You will LOVE the birth mother panel. They are the most awesome thing ever. You will love those women in ways you never thought possible. The first thing we attended after deciding to adopt with a birth mother panel. We were hooked after that. We go to those every chance we get. Another great thing to go to is an adoptee panel. I have only been to one, but it was awesome.
Have fun!

Guera! said...

I wish there were panels like for adopting from the foster care system...but I guess it's not quite the same when you are forced to give up your child vs. willingly doing so. Sounds like your journey is going well!

Anonymouse said...

Can't wait to hear about the panel. We didn't get to do stuff like that!

What about bedding? I hope you had lots of fun dreaming at Babies 'R' Us and that you relished in being belly-free and skinny as you dreamed! I love that I wore a belt to my baby shower - not too many do that!