Friday, March 20, 2009

Kicking the Funk

My last post was on March 2nd. Over two weeks ago. That is pitiful. I have thought about posting, even got as far as pulling up the new post screen, but then I sit there and stare at the screen with nothing to say.
I have been in a funk. Not depressed but just a free floating funk where I am going along and letting my life pass me by. I am not awake and alive. I cant live like this, its not me.

I am a fun loving person, who wants to enjoy my life, every day! I am full of energy and laughter and creativity. I like to be active and out doors. For some reason I have forgotten this lately, and I want it back.

I have decided today that the funk is over. I am kicking the funk out the door. Not asking it politely to leave or giving it a time frame to leave by, I am picking the Funk up and throwing it out the door with a smirk that says Come back this way and I will kill you!

It feels good to be rid of the Funk.


~Jess said...

Good for you! I can feel a funk heading my way...blech!

Guera! said...

I think it always helps to write about it. Hope the arrival of spring helps you keep that funk away.

B MoM said...

so, is it a funk about life or just a funk about posting? If its a funk about posting, not too worry...i think that happens.....

Nicole said...

Welcome back! Sometimes we all just need a little funk, but it sure is good to come back!

Happy ICLW!