Monday, July 28, 2008

How to answer the "How ya'll doing" question

The Hubbs and I have been traveling a lot this summer, too much really. I am exhausted physically and emotionally. We have visited a lot of people and the first question they all ask is, "How are ya'll doing?" I don't think they really want me to answer. What would I say anyways. How do you explain all this. I can tell my closest friends, but to people that you just know, even friends, but not the kind of friends that you talk to all the time, How do you tell them. Do I even have to? I don't really want to, but how do you answer that question.

I feel like if I did just talk about it, put it out there, that people would feel awkward about it. That it would be too much information. I feel like there is something broken with me. Why is this so hard? Why do I feel like I have some hidden disease? How many women are going through the same situation and are hiding it as well.

I would love to know how others deal with this. How do you just casually say, my husband and I are struggling with Infertility, we may not be able to have babies, my insides are broken, anything with out freakin people out.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

a confession...

so... I made fun of a pregnant women the other day. Sadly it was awesome!!

It was a girl that I hadn't seen in awhile, she passed by Hubbs and I saying "just making my trip to the potty." I smiled and nodded and in my mind I was thinking "man she looks fat, chubby chipmunk face, and she waddles big time" It actually made me giggle I was so humored by my thoughts. Hubbs noticed of course and asked what I was laughing at. I blushed at being caught lowered my head and whispered in his ear. He looked up with a huge smile on his face and said "yea, she looked likes like a penguin."

This is why I LOVE my Hubbs!!!

I know this is not nice, or healthy, but it did make me smile. And I didn't say it out loud, that's something right? Am I the only one who does this? I hope not, I feel bad even posting about it, but I thought it was funny and that i needed to confess. If these little evil indulgences keep me sane is that ok?

If you are pregnant and reading this, I am sooo sorry, I dont mean to hurt anyone, its just the pain talking.