Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Husband Rocks!! A day late

Tuesday was my Birthday, I turned 28. Hubbs loves to plan our date and then hide the plans from me only leaking little clues to keep me excited. I knew the basic idea was dinner and a movie. I checked the movie listings and told him what I thought was good and he was really noncommital about it (kind of making frustrated) For Lunch me and the girls went out for Lebanese, I love Hummus! When I got back there was a note on my door with directions written out, but no address. Teaser! I quickly googlemaped the last intersection and tried to figure out where we were going. It looked like a neighborhood, so confusing.

Later we were hanging out with our students after their class and he had this piece of paper with the address and name of the resturant. He was waving it around teasing me the whole time, showing it to different people. The girls from my small group told me that it was awesome and I would have a wonderful night, but they wouldnt tell me where I was going. I need to work on their loyalty to me!

After work we walked home, and started getting ready. He did tell me that we would be eating outside (I love those kind of resturants) so I needed to dress warm. Right before we left Dave, Hubbs' boss, asked if he would drop off the work he collected today so he could start grading, and that the girls wanted to say Happy Birthday to me. I love his girls, so this was not a problem, and they live in the neighborhood.

We left the house, directions in hand, pulled into dave's for our quick stop. As we opened the side door to thier backyard (they dont use the front door) There was all of our students and friends yelling Happy Birthday!!!
My husband is such a good liar!!! I was so surprised, and I loved it. They had dinner for us, and had baked me a cake, it was awesome. Hubbs had been planning this for a week, and all the students were in on it, so when they were looking at the "directions" they knew exactly what was going on. Sneeky.

The next night we went out on our date, just to dinner, no movie which was fine. It was great to just get out with Hubbs and have that time to talk. I love him so much, not just because he can surprise me, but because he loves to. He knows how to love me in a way that I truly feel loved.

But the fun didnt stop there, the next night we had a Birthday party for two of out students. They wanted a dance party, so we moved all of our furniture out of the living room and brought out the speakers. It was amazing! They had so much fun goofing off and making up dances. These are not the kind of kids you are going to see booty dancing but they know how to have a good time. We danced for three hours straight and then at 11 we had to quiet down. It was so much fun, I think we are going to do it again soon. There is something about dancing that lets go of so much stress, I love it.

So that was my week. Thanks Hubbs for being amazing.


G & H said...

That is so sweet! I do fridays wy my husband rocks on my personal website ( not the baby one) and i love re reading them and seeing all the wonderful things he does! Happy late birthday to you!

Dreamer4agift said...

Happy belated birthday!

And GOOD JOB hubbs!!! That is so sweet and sneaky of him. What a wonderful day for you.

Reborn said...

Oh, that sounds like fun! :) I just love when hubby spends time planning special things... time and creativity mean so much!

Bluebird said...

What a special birthday! So glad you enjoyed your celebration - what a great Hubbs :)

So Barren said...

Happy late birthday! Sounds like you had a great time! Oh and to answer your question, we started the whole adoption process at the beginning of January. I just felt so anxious so I tried to get everything done quickly! We are still waiting for the background check which should take a month. What agency are you guys using? I hope you guys get your baby soon!