Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Crazy Family

We are home! I love my family and everyone we saw but I am so glad to be in one place in my bed and by ourselves!
I have been thinking over the trip and overall everything went well. No one had any major hang ups with the adoption and race. Hubb's step dad put it well, "A Child is who you raise it to be, I will love what ever child you have"
I really appreciated that.

It was funny to see that Hubb's Step Dad and K (Dad's girlfriend) had way more to say and ask about the adoption then his Mom and Dad. They both had their little rants about it. Which we kind of expected.

Our relationship with K is a love hate, smile and hug but dont turn your back on her kind of one. The hardest thing about talking with K is that the world revolves around her and that is just had to compete with. She has traveled the world, done everything perfectly and sees her life and experiences as the perfect model for the rest of the world. I could hardly get a sentence out before she was relating what I said (or what she heard) to some one she knew or something she had done.

Her one question was why now. Why did we want to start a family now? Of course she didnt let us really answer but proceded to tell us about how she had traveled the world and she wanted that for us and how important it was for our marriage and our family. We really didnt know each other yet and needed to spend more time exploring the world together before we started a family, and everyone is having babies in their 40s!

It was kind of shocking to hear a grown adult not understand that everyone is different and that we can live our life our way that is best for us and it wont look just like hers. And the thing about people starting families in their 40s! Thank God Hubbs sister (a nurse) piped in and said something about risks in later pregnancies, but really, who cares we cant get pregnant so why are we talking about waiting until we are 40?

Of course later that day we sat in the hot tub listening to her talk about how excited she was and how fun it would be to have a little one running around next year. She is crazy but what family isnt? I know she will love our child and be supportive and that is what really matters.


~Jess said...

It sounds like it was an enjoyable trip :-) At least you're home in your own bed and know that the majority of your family will support your adoption choices.

I have an aunt like that. She traveled all over and had a great job and didn't marry my uncle until she was 39, had their first kid at 40 (no problems) had to go through IVF to have her second kid at 45. She's 50 now with a 10 year old and a 5 year old: NOT ME!

My mom and I were talking the one day and realized that she's going to be in her 60s and deal with a teenager: Not fun.

When we were first married she told us we had all the time in the world and we shouldn't have kids right away (we were already ttc then): Now she wants to know why we don't have any kids yet (she's realizing later in life isn't the best idea) and keeps telling me I'm not getting any younger (I'm 26!).

At least your home...and can relax and be comfortable: That's always a blessing to me.

~Jess said...

Wow! That ended up being longer than I expected!