Sunday, February 22, 2009

Yard Sale Success!

Yesterday was one of the most tiring days of my life. Especially since Friday had that title until yesterday. Yesterday we had a yard sale!

Over the past month we have been collecting donations from our community to sell. Everyone was really excited about it and willing to pitch in. All day friday was pricing and sorting and long theoretical conversations about the worth of a particular item. Signs went up about midnight and we fell into bed.

The sale started bright and early at 7am. We had a ton of stuff, big pieces of furniture, kid bikes, pottery barn pillows, electronics, toys, books, all the random nick nacks and more clothes than I think I have owned in my whole life. We started off slow but had a great late rush between 10 and 1 it was kind of wierd yardsale behavior but whatever they bought stuff. We also hung signs that said all proceeds to to the Baby Hoffman Adoption Fund. I think it made a difference, people like giving to a good cause.

Going into this Hubbs and I were hoping to make around $400. We need $900 to pay the bill for the Homestudy. We figured this would help and then we would save the rest over the next couple of months. Hubbs loves numbers and statistics so by 10 he knew that we would meet our goal if in the last half we sold proportionally the same every hour as the first three hours. I have no idea what that really means, I just smile and say, Sure Love! Throughout the day he would come and collect my big bills, so I really had no idea what we were making. Everytime he would ask I would have atleast one or two twenties, it was like they kept multiplying in my bag!

As things started winding down we started calculating our profit. I could have cried when Adam told me our pure profit was $750! What I did do was scream YEAH! and a little happy dance. God is so faithful. We had two families that gave us donations yesterday as well, so the grand total $900. I wasnt kidding about the God being awesomly faithful! We made EXACTLY what we needed. This is such a gift, to not stress about the last little bit to pay that bill. I am on cloud nine right now.

We have a class at the adoption agency on Monday and I am so excited to walk in there and hand them our Completed homestudy paper work and a big fat check.

Praise God!


Elana Kahn said...

That's amazing!!! I'd love to have a yard sale just to get rid of all of the junk in my house. :-) Congrats on being able to pay for the home study! ICLW

s.e. said...

That is a wonderful profit and I sit here with tears in my eyes for your joy!

You deserve every last penny.

VA Blondie said...

What a wonderful end to the day! Nice to have one less thing to worry about.


Seriously? - Erin said...

Here from ICLW! Congratulations on the success of your yard sale. Best of luck with your home study and your adoption journey!

~Jess said...

That is ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! God works in amazing ways! How awesome!

Now go get that homestudy!


B MoM said...

Isnt it awesome that God provides exactly what we need!!! God is Good. congratulations!!! =)

Anita said...

WOW! Congrats & may God continue to bless your adoption journey! :)

Nicole said...

Congrats on your sale and meeting your goal! Faith is such a wonderful but challenging thing, isn't it?

Good luck at the meeting!

ICLW #39

Misty said...

That is wonderful that you made enough to pay for the home study! Congrats on the great day!

Dreamer4agift said...

That is SO awesome!! I'm extremely happy for you.