Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Adoption Class # 3: Infertility and Adoption

I wish I could put to words the feeling of turning in our homestudy paper work last night. It was like I took this huge piece of stress and just handed it over. And on top of that to be able to pay the bill IN FULL, it was a great moment. I dont think the gal who took it from us understood the gravity of the moment, she said thanks and tossed it on a desk like it was just a stack of papers. Didnt she know how much time and energy we put into those answers! Oh well, we know and we felt it.

The class was pretty good, not our favorite but we are getting to know people more each time. We talked about dealing with grief over infertility. I was ready to go in there and be really emotional and feel that heavy rock that builds in my stomach at times like this. But it didnt happen. When I started to share in my little group, I talked about the past, how I felt. I was ok. I realized that i had dealt with these emotions and worked through the grieving stages and I am now in a good place. Praise God! Hubbs said the same thing, that He felt like this class would have been helpful a few months ago, but that He is doing really well with it right now. We felt strong, it was awesome.

The second half of the night they always have a panel of people come in and share their experiences. This was amazing! Three couples and their adopted babies (I know, babies on the night that we all talked about how we cant get pregnant, really, who thought that was a good idea!) They each told their story, of how when they met the birthmother, what that meeting was like, how long they waited, what the birth was like, the relationship they have now with the birthmoms and a lot of other stuff. I listened to everything they said, but I think more than that I just stared at three beautiful families that look perfectly normal. That will be me. I will be sitting with my Hubbs and a sweet little baby in my arms cooing every time I talk.
It really was magical.


Anita said...

It is VERY magical :)

Reading your recent posts has brought back so many memories of our adoption journey with our son Luke.

Adoption can be a hard/frustrating path at times, but it will be sooo worth it~Best of luck!

Bluebird said...

What a wonderful night! I'm so glad it went well.

s.e. said...

Horray for great moments, less stress, strength and best of all magic!

I love to hear the excitement in your voice right now. May it stay there until you are holding your own cooing little one.

Beautiful Mess said...

That's great that you turned in your paper work! Congrats! I'm glad your night went so well and you and your husband are feeling strong and you're in a good place.

nh said...

Sounds like a magical evening. I'm glad that it went ok.

Kristin said...

How wonderful...the words of this post are so hopeful and at peace...that is a wonderful place to reach. Hoping and praying you get your referral soon.


Jo said...

You are getting so close! Hope it rushes by quickly and that your vision is reality. . .SOON.