Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Prayer Request

Sorry that I have not updated yall on the class, it was awesome and I was going to post about it today until I got this phone call.

My friends mom called to ask me to pray today. Megan (the friend) has gone into earlier labor at 24 weeks. This is their first baby and they are a very young couple. The mom was at work and had no one else's phone number to call, so I was asked to be in charge of getting the word out for people to pray.

At first I didnt think anything about it and sprung to action calling friends. Of course I got voicemail because no one seems to answer their phones these days. I quickly told them the situation, but then i started to say Let's all pray and ask God to work, and it all fell a part. Ask God to do what? I know He could save their baby, He created the child He can surely protect it, but what if things go wrong, does that mean that we didnt pray hard enough or that God couldnt do it?

All of the feelings of anger and confusing as to how God is working in all things baby came flooding into my heart. I am sure their message makes no sense but hopefully they got the point and i didnt say something insensitive.

The truth of it is I dont understand why some babies dont get to make it. I know with all my heart that God is Holy and Glorious and that He is always working. I just dont understand why.

I wanted to call Megan and Matt and let them know that I was praying and thinking about them as well. This message was equally as hard and confusing. I didnt know what to say. I am praying that GOD will save their baby and that Megan would be fine, but I know that isnt gaurnteed. Sometimes it doesnt work out that way, and I didnt want to be pesimistic or rude but I just couldnt say outload that I was praying and believing that everything would be fine. I am praying but believing? Believing is a little harder.

So again I am sorry that I havent written about the meeting yet, I promise it will come soon. I would like to ask you if you would pray for my friend Megan and Matt, that they would be prepared for whatever comes their way and that their faith would sustain them and they would Know that God loves them throughout and they are aloud to be angry for even the thought of bad things happening, but that they will look to God for hope and not blame.


B MoM said...

The issue of God's involvement with miscarriage or stillbirth is a difficult one. I myself have struggled with it and still have a difficult time explaining it. I do know that God does not cause miscarriage or stillbirth, but I also know that he has the power to intervene. I also know that all you have to do is follow the Lord, obey him, love him and all that you ask, you shall receive. Of course, God gives you the ability to attain your goals, we cannot just sit idley by and say, God, go get me a cheeseburger....he gave us the ability to go get one ourselves, so we go get it on our own. anyways, I digress.. and apparently, I dont really have a point, but I think this is a great blog topic. Perhaps I will blog about it soon. Praying for your friends.

Dreamer4agift said...

Yes, I will pray as well.

And you're right, as B Mom said, when it comes to m/c and stillbirth, things are so confusing. How could God be so awesome, yet allow a parent to lose their child before they can even watch them grow older? I, too, have struggled with this in my own situation. I still don't know all the reasons why, but God does, so that's what I have to go on...the fact that God has a plan and a reason, and b/c he's God, then in the end, the plan will be revealed.

As far as what to pray for...well, it's hard to have faith that a baby will make it when you know how many don't. However, I have to believe that God wants to know what we want and He wants to grant that. Yes, we all make our own choices, but after all, it says "you have not b/c you ask not." Granted, just b/c we ask, doesn't mean we'll receive in the way we think we should, but God is all-knowing and he cares about his children.

It's okay to struggle with knowing vs. believing. God can handle that.