Saturday, December 13, 2008

The first adoption class

So I have been really bad this week and havent posted anything since last friday, I was going to do it yesterday, but then it would be another one about my amazing husband, and yes I could write something new about him, that was the last post and I didnt want to double it up. So. Sorry for being quite this week.

Monday we go to our first adoption class. The title is life long adoption issues. pretty much the broadest title in the world but I am really lookng forward to it. I am ready to jump in and take the next step forward. Just filling out paperwork sucks!

I am slightly nervous as well, I guess because I dont know what to expect. There will be other adoptive parents there, and possibly birthmoms as well, and of course the social workers. I feel like every word and action is recorded and kept in a secret file to review later. I am so scared that we will say the wrong thing, be misunderstood, offend someone, or worse, and then they will think we are evil people and never give us a baby!

And the other couples in the room, I really want to see them as fellow sojourners but they are kind of like our competition. I know this is awful to think about, but I DO. Their portfolios will be shown to the same mothers that our portfolio will be shown to. Even though I dont want to I will probably be comparing the other couples, their strengths and weaknesses and ours and wondering who will get a baby first.

I know I am crazy and somewhat of an awful person, but I just had to be honest with what I have been thinking about.

How did some of you adoptive parents overcome this?


Guera! said...

Try not to think of it as a competition. You will be matched with YOUR baby and the one that is meant to be. Just be yourself in class. Everything will be fine and I can't wait to read about it!

~Jess said...

I think those feelings are pretty normal. Or at least, I know that's how I would be feeling and thinking.

I hope the class goes well...I'll be thinking about you guys.

Dreamer4agift said...

I would think your feelings are normal...but I'm with Guera, the baby that comes to you is who YOU are to have, and no one else.

Looking fwd to hearing how the class went!

So Barren said...

I feel the same way! We have our first class this week and I am hoping there wont be too many people there so we have a better chance of getting picked!I know it's silly. I am dreading all the paperwork and everything. I will be happy when we just get approved!