Monday, April 6, 2009

Catching Up

So the training last weekend went great! Everyone was there and we got everything done. It was really encouraging to hear about all the new locations and get their feedback. A big success. Now I have to figure out what my job looks like after this. I have spent the last 8 months preparing for this training and now it is done. What do I do now?

On the adoption front, we had the first meeting with our social worker scheduled for tomorrow. This morning we got a message from her that a young birth mom went into preterm labor over the weekend. She needs to fill her day tomorrow with meetings of the girl and potential families. I was sad, but glad to see so much care going into the situation. If I was the birth mother or the adoptive family waiting I would want my social worker to push her other meetings aside! So I am glad but disappointed. We had to wait a while to get this meeting scheduled, so I am hoping since we are rescheduling that we can do it quickly and pick a date that is soon.

Back on the work note, all our students are gone on spring break. I miss them already. There are only 12 so we get fairly close, like a large family. There are gone for a week, but it only makes me think about how quickly May 17th is coming when they will be gone for real. It is hard working with a one year program, they come and go so quickly. But they never really stay away, they always come back to visit and sometimes alumni come back and live here, so hopefully they will all choose that option. =)

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~Jess said...

I'm glad your training went well.

It's frustrating that it was rescheduled, but as a BM or AP I'd certainly appreciate that.

Praying for you guys.