Monday, April 13, 2009

A great weekend

We just spent Easter weekend camping at Pismo Beach and it was awesome. About 60 people from our staff went and just had fun for a few days. The camp is right near the beach so it was just a short walk over the dune to the gorgeous beach. California beaches are so different from beaches on the east coast. At first it seems the same and then you notice the huge mountain falling into the water in the distance! It is amazing. We got some great pics for our profile while we were there too. Everything was so scenic, it was picture mania. The long car ride there gave us lots of time to work on our profile, which is great! When it is done I will get pics of it up here for yall to see.

Today we got back with the social worker and rescheduled our canceled apointment for Thursday at 10:30. I am so excited to get this process moving again!! Hopefully it doesnt take too long to get through the interview part. I have been thinking a lot about what the interview will be like.

Question: For those of you who have adopted domesticaly, what was the first interview with your social worker like? What questions did she ask, what was talked about, etc? Anything to help me feel prepared and less anxious would be awesome. Left to myself to imagine is not always the best!


Meka said...

Ours was really good. Our social worker asked a lot of questions about our marriage. I think no matter what agency you go through they want to be sure you marriage is stable. A lot of birth moms want to place so the baby can have a mom and a dad so it's reassuring them to hear the marriage is good.

Maya's Musings said...

I just found your blog, it is crazy what reading someone else's story about adoption does to me. It stirs up all the emotions I felt when we found out about our beautiful girl almost fours years ago now.

The interview for us was kind of strange. A LOT of questions about your marriage. It's kinda like a really personal job interview, where you want to answer right, but you aren't sure what they are looking for.

My best advice is, be yourself, these social workers are in it to find good families for these babies. Just be honest and let all the love you feel for this nameless, faceless baby shine through.

I am so excited for you guys, it is quite a ride, but so worth it!

~Jess said...

It sounds like you guys had a couple of good days. When we visited california it was crazy, we drove down route 1 for a bit and the changes in the weather and the beaches was amazing!

Lanie said...

My first interview with my social worker focused on the "time frame" of life, and asked a lot of questions about my marriage. As long as you're open, you'll do fine!

Nishant said...

A lot of birth moms want to place so the baby can have a mom

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