Friday, November 14, 2008

Decisions made, Now how do we announce it?

Hubbs and I had a meeting last night. We sat at the kitchen table with all the adoption information we had gathered strewn about the table, a bowl of Strawberry Cheesecake Icecream, and the laptop close by. It was time to decide who we were going to choose for our adoption agency.

I was expecting a long drawn out conversation but was greatly surprised by an easy decision. We both really liked the same agency for the same reasons. It almost seemed too easy. No fighting, no convincing, no compromising, just complete agreement.

So the winner is.... Kinship Center!

You can check them out at We just really loved the way they focused on taking care of the Birthmother and making sure she was making the right decision, even if it meant not making an adoption plan. You can read earlier posts about our first meeting with them.

So now what?

We need to tell everyone the great news! We need to let people know what we are doing. My husband and I work for a ministry so we send out newsletters every other month. We want to have a special edition in December that announces our decision to Adopt. People always find cute ways to announce a pregnancy, but how do you announce an adoption? I need ideas!!

Can you think of a creative way to make the adoption announcement? Leave it in the comments and I will pick one as a winner. I don't have a prize other than cool points, but who doesn't want those!


Journeywoman said...

The best "Adoption" announcement I have ever seen was in the form of a movie flier. This

Introducing a Joint Production
Baby Name

Originally Concieved by (Birth parents names)

Brought to fruition by (Adoptive Parents names)

Starring both Production teams to support as she grows.

Previews : Birth Date

Opening Night: Adoption date

Maybe something like that?

melissa said...

That is cute, but we havent been matched yet, we just want to announce that we are starting the process and this is how we will be growing our family

Michelle said...

That is so exciting! It must feel great to have made that big decision. I don't have any great ideas but if I think of any I will let you know. Good Luck with everything!

Sam said...

hmmmm, I don't know how you might do that, I think that it is easier to announce a specific arrival rather than the possibility of an arrival.

Echloe said...

Could you cut and paste a ticker that says "hubs and I are expecting to start the adoption process in X months?

Congratulations on taking the big step of choosing an agency. I hope it all works out for you.

Vintage Mommy said...

Glad the agency decision came easily for you; sounds like you made a good choice.

As for the announcement, I don't have any creative ideas at the moment, sorry to say!

Portraits In Sepia said...

Oh, congratulations! I am looking for ideas to announce adoption too when the time comes. We'll probably announce it when the child is placed with us so we can include a picture of the child but I am trying to find a way to do it. I also like Journeywoman's idea. I also thought about creating something online and then emailing everyone with a link to the site that might include a short video and pictures with our story. I am not sure...but like I said we'll wait until placement. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

nh said...

Congratulations on taking a decision. I don't think I have any good ideas for the announcement, except just to say what is happening 'We are hoping...' type thing.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that I don't have any cute ways to announce that you're starting the adoption process, but I wanted to say congrats on picking an agency! I'm glad to hear that the decision came easily to you and that you feel confident in your choice. I hope that you get your child very soon.

Rebecca said...

Congratulations on picking an agency. I have a friend who decided to adopt from China and picked an agency who only dealt with China. Now things are taking way too long and they've already given them a lot of money. If they had chosen a multi-regional agency they would be able to try another country but unfortunately now they either have to pull out or continue waiting.

Anyway, I didn't mean to be a downer. Good luck with everything!


Seriously? - Erin said...

Here from ICLW. Congratulations on making the adoption decision! I wish you the best in this journey.

I'm not sure how to announce it, maybe some of the announcement places have special ones...

A said...

I found your blog from another blog...Anyway, a super congratulations to you and your hubby! As for announcing, I had the same dilemma. I wanted to do it the same way I always thought I'd do it for a pregnancy. But it's too different, and there's no timetable, and too few people can relate. So we just told people, "Guess what? We're adopting!"